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What’s happening right now…

.is that I am thinking about beginning to think about packing.

I am not making much progress otherwise.

On Thursday morning, I’ll board a plane and head back to San Francisco. I’m going here:

Or some place near as similar at any rate. I haven’t planned much. That’s the whole point.

You won’t hear from me in the mean, but at least this the time the excuse is one marked by exploration, excitement, and any number of effusive other words beginning with the letter e. I won’t be gone long, really. Barely enough time for it to count. By Tuesday morning, I’ll be back in New York. Wednesday: back to a day filled with meetings. Still, it’s something. My hope is that getting away will still be just the thing. And, when I return, I’ll be refreshed, ready to share more recipes with you and tackle those long delayed projects. The very real ones, like cleaning out inboxes and closets and the metaphorical ones. And, my hope is that, maybe, just maybe, I’ll find that still space before leaning forward into the next crazy venture beneath the skies*.

My hope is that you’ll be here when I get back to writing regularly soon enough.

*ten points for you if you know the reference.


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Apropos of Nothing

Aside from general showing off. Or reminiscing, depending on your perspective. (I’m going with the latter).

Photos from Lugano, as promised.

Look closely and you can see Italy

On the way up to Monte San Salvatore

We happened upon the Tour de Suisse. This was one of the sponsors. [insert punchline here]

More photos here.

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On Travel

Important lessons of the weekend:

1. It’s true what they say about micro-climates in San Francisco. Next time, I’m packing heavier clothing.

2. The vineyard touring experience can only be enhanced by such things as driving down the freeway blaring music from the 80s, falling asleep on picnic benches, inappropriate texting and the like. See also: old, old friends.

3. Napa’s got some pretty good merlot, after all.

Needless to say, I’m looking for an excuse to get back. Immediately.

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