I’m lucky that way.

Last night my wallet was stolen.

You didn’t think that was coming with the post title, did you?

Someone bumped into me in a bar. I checked for my wallet. It was there. I checked again. It wasn’t. They stole my kindle, too, but then dumped it on the floor, and I found it a minute later. Evidently, reading isn’t quite as lucrative.

Somehow I managed to stay calm, I suspect because when something like this happens, there are so many details to be tended to. My friends were amazing—immediately, one opened his wallet and gave me cab fare. Two others went to an ATM across the street so that I’d have money to visit my family today and to get me through the week. They got me into a cab. They made me feel cared for and safe. No small thing since I had just been so violated.

They offered to get me food and when I said I wanted to get home to call all of my credit card companies, they put me into a cab, telling the driver to take care of me, as it had been a rough night for me. I could tell he was a little alarmed, I mean who wouldn’t be hearing that about their fare. So, I told him what had happened. He was kind, too—most people are. Still, he said, that’s terrible.

True enough. But, I said, two years ago this weekend my father was waiting for a heart transplant, and he finally got it. This is just stuff. It’s frustrating, yes, but replaceable. Besides, I had to be in good spirits. I had hours of phone calls ahead of me.

When I was finally done, and asleep, the police came by. They had found someone using my credit cards. They had my wallet. I missed them, but got their number from my doorman and was able to leave a statement. My wallet and all contents are now evidence. It’s strange to think about.

At any rate, it seems that even when I’m unlucky, I do okay for myself. To be sure, the next week is going to be filled with annoying tasks, like going to the DMV and relinking all accounts, and of course, its during a week where I’m already spread somewhat thin. But, there are worse things.

There are some lessons here. There always are.

  1. Keep a list of all of your account information in a safe place. Hopefully you’ll never need it, but if you do, it makes things so much easier.

  2. Carry some cash in a separate place when you go out. The irony here is that I always keep at least $20 in my check book, which I at home last night because I was in a rush when I headed out. I won’t make that mistake again.

  3. Demand Confirmations from your Credit Card Companies when cancelling your card. Last night two of the companies I called told me their systems were down. I demanded that they call me in the morning to confirm that my accounts were cancelled. They did. The point here is to be your own advocate.

  4. Ultimately, it’s all just stuff.

And, with that, enjoy your Sunday.



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2 responses to “I’m lucky that way.

  1. Isobel

    Sorry to hear that happened, Hil. I had exactly the same thing. I have card insurance which I would definitely recommend. It means the insurance company have the numbers of all my cards and I just have to call one number if anything happens. So when my wallet was stolen, I was able to have everything cancelled within about 5 minutes – definitely worth the premium!! In fact, this has reminded me, I need to update my records with them.

    Is x

  2. Very smart advice! especially about keep files on your cards. I keep all of that in a folder, but I don’t think it’s all perfect.

    Another thought, is to keep your wallet in one of the zippered parts of your bag. It’s an annoying extra step to open it, but it’s also an annoying extra step for a thief.

    So glad you are ok and everything is getting taken care of.

    PS: i’m hosting a giveaway on my shopping blog. I think it’s storage stuff you might like!

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