What I did on my [Indian Summer] Vacation

A while back, I mentioned that I was taking a 3-day long bread making class.

Naturally, when I went, it didn’t occur to me to bring my camera. I’m not sure that it would have mattered anyway, as I was too busy learning to knead, and shape, and create sponges, sourdough starter, and biga and, well, you get the idea.

Last night, a few of my friends came over, for conversation and wine and lots and lots of bread. This is why I do such things. To learn, yes, and to perfect my techniques, of course. But, mostly to share my table and my home. I couldn’t have been happier.

I’ll be doling out the remainder of the bread though out the week’s end, and, come next week, testing out my sourdough starter.

For now, I’m hanging on to that last bit of relaxation, before I head back to work come morning. And, sharing some links.

First, details for the aforementioned class can be found here. Do a little digging through the site; there are great offerings. I’m plotting what I’ll take next, in fact.


And, a completely unrelated call to action: If you’re in New York, get to MoMA immediately (or, at the very least, before November 7). Do not pass go. Do not Collect $200.

It’s your last chance to see Talk To Me, which, aside from being utterly fascinating, is interactive. And, has robots. Robots!.

Need I say more?

The Met’s current exhibitions are fairly interesting, too. But you’re not under the same time constraint.

Clearly, I packed a lot into my 3-day staycation.



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  1. Did you make any meat breads? I like all sorts of bread, but not chicken bread. I don’t think bread should taste like chicken.

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