The thirties are the new twenties

Within my group of friends, it’s a well known fact that I was counting down until my thirties since the time that I was twenty five, if not earlier.

All of my reasons were sound, from thinking that my career and romantic life would be settled to thinking that, perhaps, some of the hard health issues of my loved ones might have a positive resolution.

So. I’ve been taking stock. And, the year leading up to my 30th birthday has been marked by some major transitions. Some by my own choosing, and some not.

I’m still settling into a new job, and, while I thought at 29 the romantic part would have been settled, I see at 30 that I’m lucky it wasn’t. With age comes wisdom and all of that.

At any rate, the thing that’s been consistent throughout: dear friends. They were the ones who reminded me in the days leading up to my actual thirtieth, I couldn’t complain since I had been counting down (who also, through the hard stuff, were there). And, the ones who, when another friend turned 31, floated the idea of a having roof top brunch, volunteering my apartment.

How could I not oblige?

Unfortunately, the sun didn’t do it’s part, but the first Broof—brunch on the roof—still managed to be a raging success. So, at 30 I’m having plenty of late nights, only now it tends to be because I’m up late cooking bagels.

I think I like it better this way.

Here’s the menu for the first annual Broof:

Homemade Bagels
Banana Poppy Seed Muffins
Apple Cinnamon Muffins (courtesy of Ines and Antonio)
Fruit Salad
Cheddar and Broccoli Egg Cups
Rainbow Cake
Chocolate Brioche and Macarons (courtesy of Arielle and Ben)

To drink:
Cinnamon Coffee
Bloody Marys

Check back here for recipes in the upcoming days. More broofs to come, I’m sure. Maybe we’ll even get to eat on the roof during one of them. Hope springs eternal, as they say.


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