This Shape of Things We’re In

As it turns out, that the immense physical pain I mentioned a few weeks back was far more severe than I imagined. Instead of running through these days, I’ve slowed to the limp.

So, no more just pushing through it for me. Instead, it’s a stomach full of painkillers for now and a trip to the doctor planned for later this week.

The correct expression, I think is it never rains, it pours.

And, yet, most of the time, I’m finding the bright moments. It’s been a tough series of days, of cleaning house and the like, of unexpected reminders and hard conversations.

But, they’ve been days filled with joy, too.

There was watching a friend’s first child get baptized. The amazing and fortuitously timed trip of dear friends from Switzerland which resulted in a weekend filled with far too much gluttony—I may not be able to eat pork buns for a long, long time, in fact. A conversation with an old friend that went late into the night and helped put things in perspective.

I’ve made some exciting plans for the future, as well. These, I think, will stick.

So, I’m keeping busy, and moving forward, knowing that while sometimes change is shocking and heartbreaking, that doesn’t mean it’s all bad. As with anything, there are lessons to be learned in all of this. I’m sure of it.

I’ll get back to sharing my table with you all again soon.


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